This photo might be the last photo I’ll ever take for a while because of the hurricane coming. But I really don’t think it’s going to be that bad. I think I’m just going to vent. Get a bunch of things off my chest.
Being self conscience sucks, I remember being like this since the third grade always being bullied of how I look /: I honestly hate it, I can’t ever explain to people how I feel every day struggling about my appearance when I go out, it’s a constant war I have with myself. /: I wish I can just say I look great but I guess not, cause it’s not only me thinking I’m ugly, other people to.


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Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos;

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Be yourself; everyone els…

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

So I always hear people talk about other people being fake and trying to be like everyone else, honestly it’s true. What’s the point? None is ever going to know the real you, and if they judge you screw them cause there not perfect themselves. I guess everyone just wants to “fit in” but it’s ridiculous, cause everyone should learn to respect each other the way they are. Because hiding the real you isn’t going to get you in life.

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